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UVB-76 Explained

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Useful Wheat writes “Recently slashdot covered the reappearance of UVB-76. The function of the mysterious transmitter has been revealed: UVB-76 is used to transfer orders to military personnel, along with the time at which they should be executed. ‘Words for the radio messages and code tables are selected mainly from the scientific terms of chemistry (Brohman), Geology (ganomatit), philology (Izafat), geography (Bong), Zoology (kariama), history (Scythian), cooking (drying), sports (krolist) and others, as well as rare Russian words (glashatel).’ The page continues to list all 23 transmissions that have been made from the station in the past, showing that UVB-76 may be more active than believed.”

Source: UVB-76 Explained

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