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RIAA President Says Copyright Law “Isn’t Working”

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Kilrah_il writes “Apperantly not satisfied with the current scope of the DMCA, RIAA President Cary Sherman wants to broaden the scope of the law to have content providers such as YouTube and Rapidshare liable for illegal content found on their sites. ‘The RIAA would strongly prefer informal agreements inked with intermediaries… We’re working on [discussions with broadband providers], and we’d like to extend that kind of relationship–not just to ISPs, but [also to] search engines, payment processors, advertisers…[But], if legislation is an appropriate way to facilitate that kind of cooperation, fine.’ Notice the update at the end of the article pointing out that Sherman is seeking for voluntary agreements with said partners and not to enact broader laws without their cooperation.”

Source: RIAA President Says Copyright Law “Isn’t Working”

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