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EA Says Game Development Budgets Have Peaked

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Gamasutra reports on comments from Electronic Arts VP David Demartini indicating that the company thinks AAA game development budgets are not going to continue their skyward trend. “If [a developer] happens to make a lot of money based on that budget, great for them. If they come up short and have to cover some of it — y’know, they’ll be smarter the next time they do it. That’s kind of the approach that we take to it.” Certainly this has something to do with a few major economic flops in the games industry lately, such as the cancellation of This Is Vegas after an estimated $50 million had been dumped into the project. Another example is the anemic response to APB, an MMO with a budget rumored to be as high as $100 million. Poor sales and reviews caused developer Realtime Worlds to enter insolvency and lay off a large portion of the development team.

Source: EA Says Game Development Budgets Have Peaked

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