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Foursquare-Style Checking In For Couch Potatoes

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This CNN article discusses a new breed of mobile “check-in” apps for people who aren’t particularly mobile. The news apps were borne from the popularity of Foursquare, Gowalla, and Facebook Places, but instead of focusing on locations you’ve been, they spotlight movies and TV shows you watch, as well as books you read and video games you play.
“These apps let users earn virtual rewards and meet fans with similar interests. Users also can push their check-ins to other sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to keep the conversation going. They each have their own benefits on top of that, from giving users recommendations based on the things they already like to letting them unlock videos and other extras when they’ve become ‘super fans’ of a show. … While people in the United States may all have different hobbies and engage in different activities away from home, ‘we know most people do three things — they eat, they sleep and they watch TV,’ [Miso's CEO, Somrat Niyogi said.] ‘We think the market is massive. We think this is going to be a much bigger market’ than location-based apps, he added.”

Source: Foursquare-Style Checking In For Couch Potatoes

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