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RIAA Wants ‘Net Neutrality’ To Include Filtering

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I Don’t Believe in Imaginary Property writes “The RIAA is now worried about the FCC’s rulemaking concerning Net Neutrality. Specifically, they’re worried that the rules might make it difficult for ISPs to filter out copyright infringement and child pornography, so they want to make sure that spying on and filtering internet traffic is okay, so long as it’s being done for a good reason, even if it doesn’t work correctly and blocks non-infringing content. Incidentally, the RIAA has some justification to lump child pornography and copyright infringement: after all, people might infringe upon the original cover art for the album ‘Virgin Killer,’ which featured a naked under-aged girl in a way that some consider pornographic. The copyright on it belongs to RCA Records.”

Source: RIAA Wants ‘Net Neutrality’ To Include Filtering

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