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Google Patches 10 Chrome Bugs, Pays Out $10K

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CWmike writes “Google patched 10 vulnerabilities in Chrome on Thursday, but it didn’t award any of the researchers who reported bugs its new top-dollar reward. Google divulged no details of the vulnerabilities and, as is its custom, it blocked public access to its bug-tracking database — a practice meant to keep attackers from using the information before most users have upgraded. Some rivals, such as Mozilla, do the same; others, like Microsoft, do not. Sergey Glazunov banked $4,674 for reporting four bugs, including the previous maximum $1,337 each for two of the quartet. A researcher known as ‘kuzzcc,’ who has also reported flaws in Opera to that browser’s Norwegian maker, took home $2,000 for uncovering a pair of Chrome vulnerabilities. But no one received Google’s new biggest bounty, which the company set at $3,133.70 last month, after Mozilla had increased its maximum vulnerability payment to $3,000.”

Source: Google Patches 10 Chrome Bugs, Pays Out $10K

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