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Flash On iOS Devices – Adobe CEO Says His Company Has “Moved On”

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Flash on iOS

Steve Jobs' dislike for Flash is well documented. The relationship between Apple and Adobe reached a dead end earlier this month when Apple made changes to its App Developer License agreement that effectively banned the use of cross-compiler programs for iPhone app development.

So after realizing that there was no solution, Adobe had announced that the company will be giving up on its efforts to bring Flash to the iPhone. 

In an interview with British newspaper Telegraph, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen has said that his company has "moved on".

"They've chosen to keep their system closed and we'd rather work with partners who are interested in working with us…We believe in open systems. We believe in the power of the internet and in customers making choices and I think a lot of the controversy was about their decision at that point. They've made their choice. We've made ours and we've moved on."

Reiterating his earlier statements about the controversy being one related to business models and not technology, Narayen claimed that his company has now proven that the Flash platform was not only suitable for the mobile medium but also significantly enhanced the value on these devices. Narayen however stated that his company was open to working with Apple in future.

Apple and Adobe have shared a turbulent relationship over the past one year with Steve Jobs often claiming that Flash was a dying technology that drained battery life on the iPhone. The dispute reached a flashpoint when Jobs published his "Thoughts on Flash" where he accused the platform of having a poor record in terms of security and reliability. Adobe soon retorted with their "We Love Apple" campaign. The companies have not been on a negotiating table since then.

Competition between Apple's iOS and Google Android has been heating up in recent times and the availability of Flash 10.1 and Adobe AIR apps on Android could prove to be a critical advantage for Google in its fight against Apple.

Meanwhile, Apple's ban on Adobe Flash hasn’t stopped Comex, developer of jailbreaking tools like JailbreakMe and Spirit from figuring out a way to hack iOS to get Flash content to work on Apple’s iDevices. Users who have jailbroken their iPhone can easily install Frash – a hack that allows Flash to run on the iPhone.

Do you miss Flash on your iDevice? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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Source: Flash On iOS Devices – Adobe CEO Says His Company Has “Moved On”

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