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Google Introduces New Android Features

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adeelarshad82 writes “Google introduced the next generation of interaction with its Android operating system by introducing a set of new features. The most prominent one is the voice-driven actions. Google executives outlined 12 new ‘Voice Actions for Android,’ including phone calls, reminder e-mails, direction search, and music search. The app is called ‘Voice Search,’ requires Android 2.2, and is available in the Android Market now. Voice actions can be triggered by clicking the ‘microphone’ icon on the screen. Saying ‘call John Smith at home’ will trigger the contacts list and voice dialer, ‘find art museums in Amsterdam’ would launch a Google Maps application, and ‘listen to Ace of Base’ will search for music from the artist on Pandora, Last.fm, or another music application. Another improvement worth a mention is ‘Chrome to Phone,’ allows users to click on a new ‘mobile phone’ icon to send links, YouTube videos, even directions, to the phone. So far, the features are exclusive to Android phones and US English, although the capabilities will be moved to other languages and other operating systems (including the iPhone) in the future.”

Add reader CWmike: “JR Raphael takes a first look at Voice Actions for Android, and tells you how to get voice control even if you are not on Froyo.”

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