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Senate Approves the ______Act Of____

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An anonymous reader writes “Apparently the Senate was in such a rush to get out of town that it forgot to name an ‘important’ bill that it passed, so the bill goes to the House as The ______Act of____. That’s how it appears in the Congressional Record, though the Library of Congress has it listed as The XXXXXXAct ofXXXX. As for what’s in the bill, well that appears to be as mysterious as the name. It was officially announced as a bill to tax bonuses to execs who received TARP money. But then someone simply deleted the entire bill and replaced it with text about aviation security. And then it was deleted again, and replaced with something having to do with education. However, because of these constant changes, many of the services that track the bill have the old details listed. On top of that, Nancy Pelosi called the House back for an emergency vote on this unnamed bill, and anyone trying to find out what it’s about might be misled into thinking its about aviation security or something entirely unrelated to the actual bill. And people wonder why no one trusts Congress.” It appears that the government’s new martial law plans are being passed after all.

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