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MP Wants Official Email Address Kept Private

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nk497 writes “An MP in the UK has had his official email address removed from the parliamentary website, because he’s tired of getting ‘nuisance’ emails via online campaign websites. MP Dominic Raab’s parliamentary.uk email is currently not listed on the House of Commons’ website following a spat with online campaigners 38 Degrees. ‘Just processing the emails from your website absorbs a disproportionate amount of time and effort, which we may wish to spend on higher priorities, such as helping constituents in real need or other local or Parliamentary business,’ he said, threatening to report the group to the government’s data and privacy watchdog if they didn’t remove the details from their own website. 38 Degrees says Raab gave them his personal email address during the election: ‘it’s only since he became a member of parliament with a taxpayer funded email address that he’s now said he doesn’t want to hear from people,’ unless they’re willing to shell out for a stamp to write him a letter. The lobby group said Raab likely averaged fewer than two emails from their site each day.”

Source: MP Wants Official Email Address Kept Private

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