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Google Testing an Airborne Camera Drone

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mbone writes “The Blogoscoped site carries news that Google has purchased a German ‘Microdrone’ for evaluation (here is the original German version). These devices can take off, fly a mission, and land automatically using GPS. They can carry night-vision cameras or even ‘see-through-walls’ Far IR cameras. Of course, the maker of these drones assures us that they cannot be a ‘Big Brother in the sky’ because that is ‘verboten.’ Is it just me, or is Google entering dangerous airspace here? It seems like the ruckus from a backyard-after-dark addition to Street View could completely overshadow the legal tussles Google has already encountered with its street-level photography.” Reader Jaymi clues us to another airborne effort a couple of Google employees are mounting with some help from NASA Ames: the NexusOne PhoneSat project — to determine if low-cost mobile phone components can withstand space travel.

Source: Google Testing an Airborne Camera Drone

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