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DRM-Free Game Suffers 90% Piracy, Offers Amnesty

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bonch writes “Independent game Machinarium, released without DRM by developer Amanita Design, has only been paid for by 5-10% of its users according to developer Jakub Dvorsky. To drive legitimate sales, they are now offering a ‘Pirate Amnesty’ sale until August 12, bundling both the cross-platform game and its soundtrack for $5. Ron Carmel, designer of DRM-free puzzle game World of Goo, stated that his game also had about an 80-90% piracy rate, claiming that the percentage of those pirating first and purchasing later was ‘very small.’ He said, ‘We’re getting good sales through WiiWare, Steam, and our website. Not going bankrupt just yet!’”

Source: DRM-Free Game Suffers 90% Piracy, Offers Amnesty

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