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King Tut’s Chariot a Marvel of Ancient Engineering

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astroengine writes “King Tutankhamun, who ruled Egypt over 3,000 years ago, looks as if he was chauffeured around the desert in one of the earliest-known high-performance vehicles. Tut’s chariots surpass all monumental structures of the pharaohs in engineering sophistication. Discovered in pieces by British archaeologist Howard Carter when he entered King Tut’s treasure-packed tomb in 1922, the collection consisted of two large ceremonial chariots, a smaller highly decorated one, and three others that were lighter and made for daily use. ‘These vehicles appear to be the first mechanical systems which combine the use of kinematics, dynamics and lubrication principles,’ said Alberto Rovetta, professor in robotics engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan.”

Source: King Tut’s Chariot a Marvel of Ancient Engineering

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