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Filmmakers Resisting Hollywood’s 3-D Push

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gollum123 passes along a piece from the NY Times on the building resistance to Hollywood’s 3-D plans — from filmmakers. “A joke making the rounds online involves a pair of red and green glasses and some blurry letters that say, ‘If you can’t make it good, make it 3-D.’ While Hollywood rushes dozens of 3-D movies to the screen — nearly 60 are planned in the next two years, including ‘Saw VII’ and ‘Mars Needs Moms!’ — a rebellion among some filmmakers and viewers has been complicating the industry’s jump into the third dimension. Several influential directors took surprisingly public potshots at the 3-D boom during the recent Comic-Con… Behind the scenes…, filmmakers have begun to resist production executives eager for 3-D sales. For reasons both aesthetic and practical, some directors often do not want to convert a film to 3-D or go to the trouble and expense of shooting with 3-D cameras, which are still relatively untested on big movies with complex stunts and locations. Tickets for 3-D films carry a $3 to $5 premium, and industry executives roughly estimate that 3-D pictures average an extra 20 percent at the box office. Filmmakers like Mr. Whedon and Mr. Abrams argue that 3-D technology does little to enhance a cinematic story, while adding a lot of bother.”

Source: Filmmakers Resisting Hollywood’s 3-D Push

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