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Hubble Accuracy Surpassed By Earthbound Telescope

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randuev writes “A high-speed adaptive optics system helped the Large Binocular Telescope (on Earth) to beat the accuracy of the Hubble Space Telescope’s observations. ‘A special sensor detects atmospheric distortions in real time and controls the mirror to adjust its position to compensate, effectively canceling out the blurring. The mirror can make adjustments every one-thousandth of a second, with accuracy to better than ten nanometers.’ Now, that’s what I call real-time. This nifty trick multiplied the Strehl ratio (optical quality) of the LBT by about 80 times. The new system was tested in May and June, so hopefully we’ll soon see more space around us in higher resolution on Google Sky.”

Source: Hubble Accuracy Surpassed By Earthbound Telescope

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