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An iPhone App Store That Apple Doesn’t Control

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waderoush writes “Princeton’s Ed Felten has criticized the iPhone and iPad as Disneyland-like ‘walled gardens’ and says there’s no way the iTunes App Store can ‘offer the scope and variety of apps that a less controlled environment can provide.’ Now there’s a central marketplace where developers can sell iPhone-optimized apps without going through Apple’s gatekeepers. Launched today, it’s called OpenAppMkt and it’s a showcase for mobile Web apps — not just the type seen back in 2007-2008, before the advent of the App Store, but also for new games and other apps developed using HTML5/CSS/JavaScript (in some cases, the same apps compiled and sold as native iPhone apps). Xconomy has a behind-the-scenes interview with OpenAppMkt’s creators, who say they’re not out to compete with the native App Store, but that developers deserve new ways to reach users.”

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