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UK Courts Rule Nintendo DS R4 Cards Illegal

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CheShACat writes “A UK high court ruled today that R4 cards for the Nintendo DS are illegal, finding two vendors guilty of selling ‘game copiers.’ The ruling by Justice Floyd is quoted as saying, ‘The economic effect on Nintendo of the trade in these devices is substantial as each accused device can store and play copies of many Nintendo DS games [...] The mere fact that the device can be used for a non-infringing purpose is not a defence.’ No word in the article as to what law in particular they were found to have broken, nor of the penalty the vendors are facing, but this looks like bad news for all kinds of hardware mod, on any platform, that would enable homebrew users to bypass vendor locks.”
Nintendo won a related lawsuit in the Netherlands recently, in addition to the one in Australia earlier this year.

Source: UK Courts Rule Nintendo DS R4 Cards Illegal

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