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Rambus Could Reap Millions In Patent Settlements

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RedEaredSlider writes “Rambus, a designer of semiconductor chips, won a long-running patent battle with NVIDIA, but that dispute is not the only one the company is involved in — and the upcoming decisions could mean millions in additional revenue. Besides the NVIDIA decision, Rambus is involved in a suit with Hynix Semiconductor that will be heard in October. In that case, Hynix had originally sued Rambus in 2000, but Rambus counter-sued. Hynix lost, and appealed. The parties will appear before the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in October. A judgment in Rambus’s favor would be worth at least $397 million, according to the company’s general counsel, Tom Lavelle.”

Source: Rambus Could Reap Millions In Patent Settlements

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