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Lawsuit Hits Companies Using ‘Zombie’ Flash Cookies

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A privacy activist has filed a lawsuit targeting eight corporate users of Quantcast’s “zombie” Flash cookies, in addition to Quantcast itself. The suit alleges that MTV, ESPN, MySpace, Hulu, ABC, Scribd, and others used Quancast’s Flash-based cookies to recreate browser tracking cookies that users had taken the trouble to delete. “At issue is technology from Quantcast, also targeted in the lawsuit. Quantcast created Flash cookies that track users across the web, and used them to re-create traditional browser cookies that users deleted from their computers. These ‘zombie’ cookies came to light last year, after researchers at UC Berkeley documented deleted browser cookies returning to life. Quantcast quickly fixed the issue, calling it an unintended consequence of trying to measure web traffic accurately. … The lawsuit (PDF)… asks the court to find that the practice violated eavesdropping and hacking laws, and that the practice of secretly tracking users also violated state and federal fair trade laws. The lawsuit alleges a ‘pattern of covert online surveillance’ and seeks status as a class action lawsuit.”

Source: Lawsuit Hits Companies Using ‘Zombie’ Flash Cookies

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