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Facing 16 Years In Prison For Videotaping Police

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krou sends this snip from the Maine Civil Liberties Union: “The ACLU of Maryland is defending Anthony Graber, who faces as much as sixteen years in prison if found guilty of violating state wiretap laws because he recorded video of an officer drawing a gun during a traffic stop. … Once [the Maryland State Police] learned of the video on YouTube, Graber’s parents’ house was raided, searched, and four of his computers were confiscated. Graber was arrested, booked, and jailed. Their actions are a calculated method of intimidation. Another person has since been similarly charged under the same statute. The wiretap law being used to charge Anthony Graber is intended to protect private communication between two parties. According to David Rocah, the ACLU attorney handling Mr. Graber’s case, ‘To charge Graber with violating the law, you would have to conclude that a police officer on a public road, wearing a badge and a uniform, performing his official duty, pulling someone over, somehow has a right to privacy when it comes to the conversation he has with the motorist.’” Here are a factsheet (PDF) on the case from the ACLU of Maryland, and the video at issue.

Source: Facing 16 Years In Prison For Videotaping Police

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  • Toby J. Seiler

    I could not agree with David Rocah and will give my similar experience when I have been defamed within the legal community in North Indiana. It was started because I would not pay graft to what I believed to be a corrupt town government in Indiana. I had purchased an old industrial facility and sought help in its redevelopment but was denied. In fact I became a target. Numerous thefts and vandalism by a disgruntled person went to false entries in plan commission public record and demand in court for “civil forfeiture”. They wanted my property without paying for it.

    To justify their (illegal, skips due process) act, the town attorney spread information in the legal community that I was convicted of theft at a railroad facility. The testimonial was false and I produced receipts for machinery and scrap, purchased from the railroad. Yet he informed my attorney by defaming me. I had confided in my attorney, giving him proof of wrongdoing by the local government. He betrayed my trust, and making it worse he is an officer of the First Christian Church where we are members but estranged.

    My attorney refused to seek any verification and told me “I believe him”. I believe he then told a Circuit Court Judge, a fellow member of the FCC church board and bar, the defaming falsity. So it has become a policy to ignore all of my legal arguments and allow me to be a target for theft and extortion.

    This has robbed the community as well of my skills. My goal for buisiness is to create manufacturing jobs…but my resourses are drained as the regional and Indiana state judicial have determined to band together and allow stolen property (a modular home in storage) to be converted by the business owner, ignoring title law.

    The court concluded 3 years after the theft that the thief could have my property after they hired a lawyer to manufacture evidence. The attorney lied about “possession” in a legal ad placed in the newspaper, two weeks after the unauthorized control was reported. My attorney gave judicial notice at least four times. He told me the judicial policy to allow “alternative defenses” made the cover up sheme NOT ripe for adjudication. We properly filed for “conversion” (he made a quid pro quo trade for antique tractors, delivered to his home) and “receipt of stolen property” (he testified it was his idea in depositions and trial to ignore legal title. has recieved the Prosecutor, Sheriff, 3 judges and the Indiana Court of Appeals help in extorting the title. The Indiana Appeals Court certified knowingly fraudulent proceedings by ignoring 11 requests (4 to trial court by my attorney and 7 pro se to the Court of Appeals to analyze a fraud scheme (to keep my stolen property and not be liable, defrauding courts(3).

    Now I cannot get the local judges to account for their decisions clearly exceeding their subject matter jurisdiction in any filing I make. Attorneys in the area are warned off from representing me as I have spent thousands of hours learning law and procedure trying to simply keep my property rights. The defamation, motivated by a town attorney’s intent to steal my property has been caried forward in retaliation.

    Public Officials (Indiana Appeals Court) refused to give me their HONEST SERVICES and have certified a case after disregarding 11 judicial notices of a “sanitizing scheme” in August when the theft occurred July 15. Certifying know fraud is a federal offense per 18 USC 1017. These Judges have been politically influenced to allow the taking of my property and should be liable as facilitators of fraud.


    Toby J. Seiler Reply:

    OOps!!! I agree with David completely, first sentence mistake.


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