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The Possibility of Paradox-Free Time Travel

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relliker writes in with word of a paper up on the ArXiv by Seth Lloyd and co-workers, exploring the possibility that “postselection” effects in non-linear quantum mechanics might allow paradox-free time travel. “Lloyd’s time machine gets around [the grandfather paradox] because of the probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics: anything that this time machine allows can also happen with finite probability anyway… Another interesting feature of this machine is that it does not require any of the distortions of spacetime that traditional time machines rely on. In these, the fabric of spacetime has to be ruthlessly twisted in a way that allows the time travel to occur. … Postselection can only occur if quantum mechanics is nonlinear, something that seems possible in theory but has never been observed in practice. All the evidence so far is that quantum mechanics is linear. In fact some theorists propose that the seemingly impossible things that postselection allows is a kind of proof that quantum mechanics must be linear.”

Source: The Possibility of Paradox-Free Time Travel

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