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The Mirah Language

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Mirah is a new language from Charles Nutter, the developer of JRuby. He describes it thus:

Mirah is … a repurposing of Ruby’s syntax to a flexible toolchain suitable for compiling to any number of type systems and runtimes with maximum performance.

Mirah’s design is centered around a few simple principals:

  • Platform-agnostic
  • Free from concrete decisions about the back-end type system
  • Code generation, or other details are specified by the outward language

I think Mirah is a bit too new to make a front-page post. It is interesting and also puzzling in that it doesn’t really define a semantics. E.g. “roughly similar scripts could conceivably compile to any number of type systems and runtimes. In this sense, Mirah is more of a rough coupling of Ruby-like syntax with a pluggable type-inference and compilation pipeline.” Can you actually claim you’ve created a language if the semantics of the language aren’t specified? I’m not sure whether to file this under interesting or quackers.

Source: The Mirah Language

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