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Last Roll of Kodachrome Processed

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Wired’s Gadget Lab picked up a wistful story from the Wichita (Kansas) Eagle on the processing of the last roll of Kodachrome film that Kodak produced. “Freelance photojournalist Steve McCurry, whose work has graced the pages of National Geographic, laid 36 slides representing the last frames of Kodachrome film on the light board sitting on a counter in Dwayne’s Photo Service in Parsons [Kansas]. … National Geographic has closely documented the journey of the final roll of Kodachrome manufactured, down to its being processed. Dwayne’s is the only photo lab left in the world to handle Kodachrome processing…” If you have any rolls of Kodachrome sitting around not yet exposed, better get them to Dwayne’s before December 10, 2010.

Source: Last Roll of Kodachrome Processed

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