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BSOD Issues On Deepwater Horizon

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ctdownunder passes along this excerpt from a NY Times article about a rig worker’s testimony concerning the April 20 accident at the Deepwater Horizon well:
“The emergency alarm on the Deepwater Horizon was not fully activated on the day the oil rig caught fire and exploded, triggering the massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a rig worker on Friday told a government panel investigating the accident. … On Friday, Mr. Williams added several new details about the equipment on the vessel, testifying that another Transocean official turned a critical system for removing dangerous gas from the drilling shack to ‘bypass mode.’ When he questioned that decision, Mr. Williams said, he was reprimanded. … Problems existed from the beginning of drilling the well, Mr. Williams said. For months, the computer system had been locking up, producing what the crew deemed the ‘blue screen of death.’ ‘It would just turn blue,’ he said. ‘You’d have no data coming through.’ Replacement hardware had been ordered but not yet installed by the time of the disaster, he said.”
The article doesn’t mention whether it was specifically a Windows BSOD, or just an error screen that happened to be blue.

Source: BSOD Issues On Deepwater Horizon

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