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Spore-Inspired Action RPG Darkspore Announced

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Today Electronic Arts announced Darkspore, an action RPG in development from Maxis that is inspired by Spore’s creature creator technology. The game is due to launch in February 2011, and a teaser is available on the official website. A more descriptive video is available from EA’s live demo (start at 8:25). Quoting Joystiq:
“…Darkspore will let up to three players traverse ‘several’ planets cooperatively, and while there will be PvP in the finished product, Maxis isn’t providing details just yet. The basics will be the same whether going in solo or as a team: You’ll be able to choose from a number (again, no specifics yet) of pre-created melee, ranged and support creatures that can have their stats and abilities augmented by equipment. … When choosing to beam down from your starship to a planet, you will see a lineup of enemy types that you’ll encounter. This gives you and your friends enough information to decide which three characters from your collection you’ll want to deploy. The trio can then be switched between on the fly, albeit with a brief cool-down period afterward. The idea is to use the characters’ various abilities strategically against what the Left 4 Dead-inspired ‘AI director’ decides to toss your way.”

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