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Recettear: an Item Shop’s Tale Localized

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An anonymous reader writes “An indie-produced item-shop-sim-slash-RPG, Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale, has been localized and a demo released by the equally indie startup Carpe Fulgur LLC. The game is equal parts item shop sim (as in, item shop like the kind you find in every RPG ever, except you’re behind the counter now) with certain Zelda- or Diablo-esque elements also present in the form of randomly-generated dungeons that you can grab an adventurer friend to go tromping through for loot to sell. The response so far has been pretty positive and it seems like Carpe Fulgur is trying to make a business of taking (non-pornographic) unique indie titles from Japan and getting them into a state where the rest of the world can enjoy them.”

Source: Recettear: an Item Shop’s Tale Localized

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