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Cool, Science-y Masters Programs For Software Devs?

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An anonymous reader writes “I’m an early-30s software engineer with 10 years of development experience, and a BA in computer science from a top university. I’ve been working for several years at a national lab in bioinformatics, but I’m starting to wonder what other interesting directions there are to go for people in my boat: computer science majors with software development experience. The goal would be to find a position that could leverage my development skills, but also include a strong research component, without the need for a Ph.D. (I would be happy to get a masters for the right job.) I’m actually getting some of those things in my current job, but I’m ready to move on to new or different areas of research. Possible fields that seem interesting so far: neuroscience, economics/sociology, and AI. I’m happy to work in a team in support of Ph.D.s, but would like an active part in the research end of things as well as the tool-making end.”

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