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US Deploys ‘Heat-Ray’ In Afghanistan

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Koreantoast writes “The United States military has deployed Raytheon’s newly developed Active Denial System (ADS), a millimeter-wave, ‘non-lethal’ heat-ray, to Afghanistan. The weapon generates a ‘burning sensation’ that is supposedly harmless, with the military claiming that the chance of injury is at less than 0.1%; numerous volunteers including reporters over the last several years have experienced its effects during various trials and demonstrations. While US military spokesperson Lt. Col. John Dorrian states that the weapon has not yet been operationally used, the tense situation in theater will ensure its usage soon enough. Proponents of ADS believe the system may help limit civilian deaths in counterinsurgency operations and provide new, safer ways to disperse crowds and control riots, but opponents fear that the system’s long-term effects are not fully known and that the device may even be used for torture. Regardless, if ADS is successful in the field, we’ll probably see this mobile microwave at your next local protest or riot.”

Source: US Deploys ‘Heat-Ray’ In Afghanistan

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