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The Gulf’s Great Turtle Relocation Project

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An anonymous reader writes “All along the Gulf Coast’s beaches it’s turtle-hatching season. Conservationists knew the poor hatchlings wouldn’t have a chance if they swam out into the oily waters of the Gulf, so they came up with an incredibly ambitious plan: they would dig up 70,000 turtle eggs, carefully raise them in a climate-controlled hanger at the Kennedy Space Center, and release the hatchlings into the clean Atlantic waters off Florida’s east coast. Now that project is well underway, and Discover Magazine has pictures of the first batch of hatchlings crawling towards the welcoming waves. But there’s a chance all this do-gooding won’t do any good. New Scientist found experts who argue that releasing them into the Atlantic rather than into the Gulf will screw up the turtles’ navigation systems, which will prevent them from following their normal migratory routes.”

Source: The Gulf’s Great Turtle Relocation Project

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