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OnLive CEO On Post-Launch Status, Game Licenses

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CNET has a lengthy interview with OnLive CEO Steve Perlman about how the service is shaping up almost a month after launch. Demand seems to have outstripped their expectations, and it required some quick server expansion to compensate. He also addresses a common concern among gamers — that the licenses for games could expire in three years. Perlman says, “It’s less of an issue about the licenses evaporating, and more of an issue of whether or not we continue to maintain the operating systems and the graphics cards to run those games. If a game is tied to a particular Nvidia or ATI card, or if it’s relying on a particular version of Windows with different drivers, we can’t be sure that those will continue to be available as our servers age and need to be replaced. If it’s a popular game that can’t run on old hardware anymore, the publishers can do an upgrade for the game. Also, servers usually do last longer than three years, so chances are we’ll keep running them. But we have a legal obligation to disclose what might happen. I think the probability of us pulling a game in three years is on the order of 0.1 percent. It’s also highly unlikely that a game server will evaporate after three years, but we have to allow for that possibility.” He also goes into future plans for expanding OnLive, both in terms of the content they offer and the devices they may support. The Digital Foundry blog followed up the latency tests we discussed with a full review, if you’d like an unbiased opinion of the service.

Source: OnLive CEO On Post-Launch Status, Game Licenses

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