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RIAA Paid $16M+ In Legal Fees To Collect $391K

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NewYorkCountryLawyer writes “In a rare outburst of subjectivity, I commenced my blog post ‘Ha ha ha ha ha’ when reporting that, based upon the RIAA’s disclosure form for 2008, it had paid its lawyers more than $16,000,000 to recover $391,000. If they were doing it to ‘send a message,’ the messages have been received loud & clear: (1) the big four record labels are managed by idiots; (2) the RIAA’s law firms have as much compassion for their client as they do for the lawsuit victims; (3) suing end users, or alleged end users, is a losing game. I don’t know why p2pnet.net begrudges the RIAA’s boss his big compensation; he did a good job… for the lawyers.”

Source: RIAA Paid $16M+ In Legal Fees To Collect $391K

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