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Fring Brings Two-Way Video Calling Over 3G To iPhone 4

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Two way video calling on Fring

Fring, the Israel based mobile VoIP company has released a new version of their iPhone application that will allow users to make two-way video calls from their iPhone 4.

The update also brings several other new features like support for multitasking, a cross-community social stream and an enhanced address book.

The two-way video calling feature on Fring is pretty similar to the native FaceTime feature available in iPhone 4. However, the Fring iPhone app has two significant advantages over FaceTime.

Firstly, users can make video calls over their carrier's 3G network besides Wi-Fi. You may be aware that FaceTime on iPhone 4 works only via the Wi-Fi network. 

Another critical advantage is Fring's cross-platform compatibility. The company has introduced the two-way video calling feature on the Android and Symbian platforms as well, which means that users can also video-chat with friends who do not own an iPhone 4, which is one of the limitations of FaceTime currently.

These added benefits are likely to propel the popularity of the Fring application in the near term. 

You can checkout the video below to see Fring's two-way video calling feature in action:

The new version of Fring also supports the iOS 4 multitasking feature, which will allow users to run the iPhone app in the background so that you can receive new video calls or voice calls just like a phone call without needing to proactively launch the iPhone app.

Earlier this year, Fring was also one of the first to bring the VoIP calls over 3G functionality to the iPhone. Fring has been one of the hottest VoIP services on the iPhone since the platform opened up for third party applications. The app lets users make regular calls using either SkypeOut or SIP. In addition to letting users make VoIP calls, Fring is also integrated to IM applications for Skype, Google, ICQ, MSN, Twitter, AIM and Yahoo making it a pretty comprehensive platform for communicating with friends and family. 

If you do not have Fring on your iPhone yet, you can download the latest version of the Fring iPhone app from the App Store by clicking here. As always, drop us a line to let us know your thoughts on the new features.

[via Fring]

Source: Fring Brings Two-Way Video Calling Over 3G To iPhone 4

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