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Firefox 4 Beta 1 Shines On HTML5

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snydeq writes “InfoWorld’s Peter Wayner takes a first look at Firefox 4 Beta 1 and sees several noteworthy HTML5 integrations that bring Firefox 4 ‘that much closer to taking over everything on the desktop.’ Beyond the Chrome-like UI, Firefox 4 adds several new features that ‘open up new opportunities for AJAX and JavaScript programmers to add more razzle-dazzle and catch up with Adobe Flash, Adobe AIR, Microsoft Silverlight, and other plug-ins,’ Wayner writes. ‘Firefox 4 also adds an implementation of the Websockets API, a tool for enabling the browser and the server to pass data back and forth as needed, making it unnecessary for the browser to keep asking the server if there’s anything new to report.’”

Source: Firefox 4 Beta 1 Shines On HTML5

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