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Sidestepping A-to-D Convertors For Town Government’s Cable TV?

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jake-itguy writes “I am the IT guy for a small town municipality. Comcast called me the other day and told me I had to have a digital-to-analog converter for each TV in the municipality, as Comcast is turning off analog cable in September. I did a quick count, and we have 32 TVs across 6 buildings (22 being in the police and fire departments). Most of the TVs are hung on the walls. I told Comcast having a box for each TV was not acceptable and wanted a different solution. Comcast told me there was no other solution.” Read on for more details of the situation, and to see if you can offer Jake any advice for distributing cable service within his Indiana town.

jake-itguy continues: “They told me they have been putting these boxes on every TV in each classroom in each school. I laughed when I heard that. I said, ‘Do you know how much electricity is going to be needed for each box?’ They didn’t know the answer. I was bumped up to the next guy in the Comcast hierarchy, who said there was no other solution and I had to pay $3 per month for each box. Being a municipality, we are entitled to free expanded basic cable as a part of the franchise agreement back in 1982.

I know there is a solution, as hospitals and hotels don’t have little boxes next their TVs. Unfortunately I haven’t found a specific answer to this problem so I am asking Slashdot. Is there a box that can be put in the basement of the town hall that will convert the Comcast signal into a regular digital signal? Most of the TVs in the town have digital tuners per last years a2d conversion of the airwaves. I would be willing to replace the few analog sets with new ones if there is a good solution for this. Each building’s cable feed is fed from the town hall. We have a nice big 1-inch cable coming into the building with some splitters coming off the line. Each building gets a 1/2 inch cable. Is there a box that will convert the Comcast signal to analog for the schools? I am sure the schools don’t have TVs with digital tuners.”

Source: Sidestepping A-to-D Convertors For Town Government’s Cable TV?

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