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DIY Kit Turns Black iPhone 4 Into A White iPhone 4

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DIY White iPhone 4

Are you waiting for the white iPhone 4? Apple had announced last month that the company has been forced to postpone the launch of the model to the second half of July due to challenges in the manufacturing process.

However, if you are someone who cannot wait until then to get the white iPhone 4, here is a workaround.

WhiteiPhone4Now is a new website that offers users who have just bought a black iPhone 4, a DIY kit that will help them transform it into a white iPhone 4.

For $229, iPhone 4 owners get white colored components such as iPhone’s front panel, back cover, home button, digitizer (for touch function) and front panel support frame. The DIY kit also include an iPhone 4 retina display.

Since this is a DIY kit, users will be required to independently disassemble their iPhone 4 and rebuild it with the new components, this alternative may not be for everyone. This is a risky procedure since it may not only void your iPhone 4 warranty but might also potentially render your iPhone dysfunctional. However, the website claims that users can get the entire replacement process done by experts at BrokeMyiPhone.com at a cost of $54 + shipping.

There are a few caveats to note though. WhiteiPhone4Now points out that the reassembled white iPhone 4 will not include few parts from the original iPhone including the front earpiece grill, back cover’s lens cover and LED diffuser. The website however confirms that the iPhone shall be completely functional even without these parts.

We wonder if users will go through all this trouble to get a white iPhone 4. Are you waiting for the white iPhone 4? Are you interested in this DIY kit? Tell us in the comments.

[WhiteiPhone4Now via TechCrunch]

Source: DIY Kit Turns Black iPhone 4 Into A White iPhone 4

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