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Fark Creator Slams “the Wisdom of Crowds”

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GovTechGuy writes with some harsh words from Fark.com founder Drew Curti, speaking at a conference Tuesday in Washington, D.C.: “‘The “wisdom of the crowds” is the most ridiculous statement I’ve heard in my life. Crowds are dumb,’ Curtis said. ‘It takes people to move crowds in the right direction, crowds by themselves just stand around and mutter.’ Curtis pointed to his own experience moderating comments on Fark, which allows users to give their often humorous take on the news of the day. He said only one percent of Web comments have any value and called the rest ‘garbage.’ Another example Curtis pointed to is the America Speaking Out website recently launched by House Republicans to allow the public to weigh in on the issues and vote for policy positions they support. Curtis called the site an ‘absolute train wreck.’ ‘It’s an absolute disaster. It’s impossible to tell who was kidding and who wasn’t,’ Curtis said.”

Source: Fark Creator Slams “the Wisdom of Crowds”

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