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Why Google, Bing, Yahoo Should Fear ACTA

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littlekorea writes “US intellectual property law expert Jonathan Band has warned that Silicon Valley’s search engines, hosting companies, and e-commerce giants have much to fear from the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, negotiations for which continued in Switzerland today. The fear for search engines in particular is the erosion of ‘fair use’ protections and introduction of statutory damages, both of which could lead to more copyright claims from rights holders.” The article links a marked-up ACTA draft (PDF) that Band and a coalition of library organizations and rights groups believe is more balanced. Quoting Band: “Our high-level concern is that ACTA does not reflect the balance in US IP law, [which] contains strong protections and strong exceptions. ACTA exports only the strong protections, but not the strong exceptions.”

Source: Why Google, Bing, Yahoo Should Fear ACTA

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