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Hack AT&T Voicemail With Android

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An anonymous reader writes “It is shockingly easy to gain access to an AT&T customer’s voicemail using caller ID spoofing techniques. What’s worse is that AT&T knows about it. On your Android phone, download one of the two caller ID spoofing programs. Input the number of your target as the destination number and then enter the same number as the spoofed caller ID. Then connect your call. If the target has not added a voicemail password (the default is no password), you will be dropped into a random menu of their voicemail and eventually can drill up or down to get what you want. You can change greetings, erase messages, send voicemails out of the target account, and much more. How many politicians up in arms about Google Wi-Fi sniffing will want to know more about this?”

Source: Hack AT&T Voicemail With Android

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