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iOS Update May Tackle iPhone 4′s Antenna Problems

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DJRumpy was one of several readers to point out rumors that Apple will soon be deploying an update to iOS 4 to combat the iPhone 4 antenna problems we discussed last week. This could be good news for users of the 1.7 million iPhone 4s purchased during the first three days of its release. (And no, Daily Mail, Steve didn’t announce a recall, though there’s speculation that this problem could be a boon for Android.) An anonymous reader notes an analysis of a teardown of the phone, which found that its parts collectively cost about $188, with the most expensive part — the LCD screen — costing $28.50 by itself. In other Apple news, Germany has demanded that the company “immediately make clear” what data it collects from customers, and what use it makes of that data (perhaps spurred by Google’s Wi-Fi sniffing debacle).

Source: iOS Update May Tackle iPhone 4′s Antenna Problems

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