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Open Source Complaint Against IBM Gets Support

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FlorianMueller writes “ZDNet blogger Dana Blankenhorn reports that ‘[t]he efforts by open source TurboHercules to break IBM’s mainframe monopoly through the European Commission got some proprietary support this week when NEON Enterprise Software LLC of Austin, TX filed an EU complaint alongside a US antitrust lawsuit.’ NEON’s founder co-founded BMC, so the company is well-funded for this fight. In comments given to the IDG News Service, IBM claims that NEON’s product, which saves mainframe customers money by optimizing the use of coprocessors, ‘offers no innovation,‘ and accuses the ‘copycat’ of violating IBM’s intellectual property. That’s basically what IBM also said about the Hercules emulator. The European Commission is expected to take a decision on an investigation in a matter of months. Since IBM lobbies the EC over the Open Document Format, it’s now accused of double standards.”

Source: Open Source Complaint Against IBM Gets Support

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