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iPhone 4 31% Faster Than iPhone 3GS; Slower Than iPad

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iPhone 4 speed vs. iphone 3gs vs ipad

MacRumors has posted results from an interesting study where the performance of the new iPhone 4 has been benchmarked against the performance of the iPad and iPhone 3GS.

There are two notable inferences from the report – Firstly, the iPhone 4 is nearly 31% faster than iPhone 3GS. Also, the new iPhone is slower than iPad although both the devices are powered by the same A4 processor.

The study has been conducted using iOS apps like Geekbench 2, BenchTest and Checkup. While these third party applications may not be ideal tools for measurement of absolute performance, the report notes that they are good for head to head comparisons.

The results from the study have however not been consistent. For instance, the BenchTest app showed only a marginal increase in speed on iPhone 4 compared to iPhone 3GS while a similar study on Geekbench 2 showed an appreciable improvement in speed. Also, the Checkup app showed great variance in speed in the numerous times the study was conducted on the same device.

iPhone 4 speed vs. iphone 3gs vs ipad

MacRumors blames this inconsistency on the primitive nature of these applications and also because the iPad does not run on iOS 4. Despite these roadblocks, the study has established a general pattern which shows the iPhone 4 to be faster than iPhone 3GS, but slower than iPad.

The study also raises an interesting point about the performance of the A4 processor on iPhone 4. The processor is believed to run at 1GHz on the iPad. However, as we have pointed out in the past, it is likely for Apple to have clocked down the processor speed on iPhone 4 in order to improve the device's battery life.

Despite this, we believe that a majority of users will be pleased with iPhone 4's performance. What about you? Tell us your observations regarding iPhone 4's performance in the comments below.

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Source: iPhone 4 31% Faster Than iPhone 3GS; Slower Than iPad

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