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Best Way To Publish an “Indie” Research Paper?

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alexmipego writes “I’m a developer and a few months ago while working on a common geodesic problem (distance between 2 GPS points), I started to research a new algorithm that greatly improves the performance over existing algorithms. After re-learning a lot of math I’m now fairly close to the final algorithm after which I’ll run extensive benchmarks comparing my algorithm with the most commonly used ones. After spending so much time on this, and if the final results are positive, I feel that simply posting this type of work on a blog might not be the best option, so I’m looking into something more formal like a research paper. I’ve no experience on those, not even read a complete one, so my first question is what resources do you recommend to learn how to write one? And even after I write it I can’t expect to be published by Science or other high-profile publications. So where should I send it to make it known by people on the respective fields and be taken seriously?”

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