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Sunshine Writer Joins Logan’s Run Remake

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bowman9991 writes “Remember to check your palm to ensure that your crystal hasn’t gone black. If it has, you better start running. The 1976 science fiction classic ‘Logan’s Run,’ starring Michael York, is being remade in 3-D with British writer Alex Garland now onboard to write the screenplay. Garland’s film ‘Sunshine,’ directed by Danny Boyle, was one of the stand-out science fiction films of the last decade, and he wrote the screenplays for Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘The Beach’ (based on Garland’s own novel) and the science fiction horror ’28 Days Later’ (a massive adrenaline rush of a movie). This should give first-time director Carl Rinsch some great material to work with — a great premise meets a great writer.”

Source: Sunshine Writer Joins Logan’s Run Remake

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