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Experts Say ACTA Threatens Public Interest

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langelgjm writes “In the lead up to next week’s Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) negotiations in Lucerne, a conference that drew over 90 academics and experts from six continents has released a statement issuing a harsh condemnation of both the substance and process of the agreement. Held last week at American University’s Washington College of Law, the attendees say, ‘We find that the terms of the publicly released draft of ACTA threaten numerous public interests, including every concern specifically disclaimed by negotiators.’ The ‘urgent communique’ covers more than the usual ACTA topics of interest on Slashdot: in addition to the agreement’s effect on the Internet, it also considers the effects on access to medicines, international trade, and developing countries. Meanwhile, Public Knowledge has an action alert where you can send a note to the White House expressing your opposition to ACTA.”

Source: Experts Say ACTA Threatens Public Interest

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