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AT&T Won’t Be Selling iPhone 4 To Walk-In Customers Until June 29th

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iPhone 4 on ATT from June 29

Here is some bad news for folks who were planning to purchase a new iPhone 4 on launch day. AT&T has announced that their retail stores will not be selling iPhone 4 units to walk-in customers until next week.

However, AT&T's retail stores will be scheduling appointments with people who have pre-ordered iPhone 4 starting tomorrow, June 24. 

In a recently published statement, AT&T has stated that the new iPhone 4 will be arriving this week only for customers who have already pre-ordered a unit. However, its retail stores will begin selling iPhone 4 on a first-come, first served basis to walk-in customers only from June 29. The move is apparently in a bid to optimize the limited inventory to better serve customers who have already placed an order. 

You can checkout the video below to find out more about the availability of iPhone 4 at AT&T's retail stores: 

We must note that this was expected as Apple had announced last week that close to 600,000 iPhone 4 units were pre-ordered on the opening day alone. AT&T had also reported that they had seen a ten-fold increase in the number of iPhone 4 pre-orders on opening day as compared to iPhone 3GS opening day pre-orders last year. The high demand for iPhone 4 units had crashed Apple and AT&T's servers and had resulted in Ma Bell suspending the iPhone 4 pre-orders since then.

Nevertheless, there are alternate channels for folks looking to purchase an iPhone 4 on Thursday. Third party retailers like Best Buy and Radio Shack, will be offering iPhone 4 to walk-in customers from June 24 (though we've heard that they would also be limited number of iPhone 4s). So the best chance to get an iPhone 4 without pre-ordering it would be Apple. But you will have to get there early as they will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

Have you already pre-ordered your iPhone 4? Or are you planning to join the iPhone 4 line tomorrow that have already started outside Apple Stores? 

[via AT&T PR]

Source: AT&T Won’t Be Selling iPhone 4 To Walk-In Customers Until June 29th

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