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First iPhone 4 Unboxing Photos And Video

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iPhone 4 to be delivered on June 23

MacRumors is reporting that some of their readers have already started receiving their iPhone 4s from Apple, two days before the official launch day.

And we thought some folks are lucky to get their iPhone 4, one day early on June 23rd.

Users who have got their shiny new iPhone 4s have posted some unboxing photos of the new iPhone.

Macrumors forum user writes:


FedEx just dropped off my iPhone 4 just a few moments ago… 

Activation was snappy and smooth. 

Impressively cool! 


As of last night before bed, my delivery date was still the 24th, even after I received the email from Apple about a possibly delivery on the 23rd.

iPhone 4 Unboxing Photos
iPhone 4 Unboxing Photos

One of the users has also published a video recorded with a new iPhone 4, which means that he has also managed to successfully activate his iPhone 4:

If you’re one of the lucky ones to get the new iPhone 4 then we would love to see some photos. 

[via MacRumors]

Source: First iPhone 4 Unboxing Photos And Video

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