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9 iOS 4 Changes You May Have Not Noticed

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Subtle changes in iOS 4

The latest version of the iPhone operating system, now known as iOS 4, is finally available for public download

As with the earlier versions of iOS, the latest version too has incorporated some major new features like multitasking, folders and a lot of subtle changes that may not be apparent immediately.

Here is a list changes that have been noticed in iOS 4 so far.

1. On-Call Screen

The "End Call" button on the iPhone's call screen has now been replaced with a text that reads "End". The End button is now in a sober shade of red. You may also notice that the contact's photo now extends till the bottom of the screen and is visible beneath the End button.

Subtle changes in iOS 4

2. Mail Draft

In earlier versions of iOS, if you tapped on the cancel button while composing an email, you got three options that read "Save", "Don't Save" and "Cancel". These options have been replaced with "Delete Draft", "Save Draft" and "Cancel" in iOS 4, which seems more appropriate.

Subtle changes in iOS 4

3. Shorter Address Bar on Safari

The address bar and search field on the Safari app are now shorter. That means it takes up less screen space as you can see from the image below.

Subtle changes in iOS 4

4. iPod Album Listing

Browsing albums have traditionally displayed the tracks and the shuffle option. In iOS 4, the iPod app now provides more details of the album such as the album thumbnail, track count, length of tracks and album release date. 

Subtle changes in iOS 4

5. Alerts and Notifications

There are a lot of minor tweaks in the error messages and other system notifications. For instance, notifications regarding an app's age rating now explicitly mentions the iPhone application name in the warning dialog though 'Tap' rather than 'Click' would have been even more accurate. 

Subtle changes in iOS 4

The error messages are slightly more informative in iOS 4. For example: the "no Internet connection" notification in iOS3 has now been replaced with a message that reads “The Internet connection appears to be offline

6. Maps app

iOS 4 introduces minor changes to the iPhone maps application. iPad users may have already noticed several of these changes with iOS 3.2. Firstly, changing map tiles on iOS 4 displays the familiar iPad 'fade-in'. The GPS icon has now been changed to an arrow and is displayed on the status bar. Also, users may now hold their finger on a location to place a new pin. Additionally, 'Dropped Pins' may now be accessed from the Bookmarks.

7. Homescreen Changes

The homescreen animations are similar to what users may have observed on the iPad. The application dock slides down when an app is launched and slides up when the user closes the app and returns to the homescreen. Also, when you delete an app, the (X) button against the particular wiggling app icon is displayed in a pressed state – as you can see for the Twitter icon in the image below.

Subtle changes in iOS 4

8. Birthday Calendar

The Calendar app gets a Birthday calendar in iOS 4 that consolidates the birthdays of all contacts from the address book.

9. Photo app

Though you could see photos in landscape and portrait mode in iPhone's Photo app, you could check the photo album listing and thumbnails only in portrait mode. The Photo application in iOS 4 now completely works in landscape mode. iOS 4 also uses a new auto-sizing feature that will fit the photo to the screen by default. 

Kudos to Nik Fletcher and Ryan Poole for identifying these subtle changes in iOS 4. It's one of those things we really look forward to, after a major iPhone software update. 

You can also checkout our detailed walkthrough of all the major new features in iOS 4.

Have you updated your iPhone to iOS 4? Did you notice any of these changes? Is there anything interesting that you've noticed? 

[via Nikf, Sporadic Musing]

Source: 9 iOS 4 Changes You May Have Not Noticed

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