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Toshiba Demos Dual-Touchscreen Netbook

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Lanxon writes “Toshiba has announced a trio of new devices that it’s hoping will shake up the somewhat stagnant notebook PC market. The most interesting is the Libretto W100 — a clamshell device that comes with two screens in place of a screen and a keyboard. Both screens are identical, measuring 7-inches diagonally, and are touch-sensitive. An onboard accelerometer allows you to use it in landscape or portrait configuration, and Toshiba’s pre-loaded a boatload of specialist software that’ll let you get the most from the device — including a range of virtual keyboards. It runs Windows 7, is powered by an Intel U5400 processor, and comes with 2GB of DDR3 RAM, a 62GB SSD, and the usual array of connectivity options, including 3G.”

Source: Toshiba Demos Dual-Touchscreen Netbook

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