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1000 Genomes Project Releases Pilot Genome Data

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eldavojohn writes “Three pilot projects have been completed for the 1000 Genomes Project and as a result, the pilot data has been released. This makes the data of nearly 700 people available for analysis via FTP (Americas mirror, European mirror). Dr. Eric D. Green of the National Human Genome Research Institute said, ‘The 1000 Genomes project has a simple goal: peer more deeply into the genetic variations of the human genome to understand the genetic contribution to common human diseases. I am excited about the progress being made on this resource for use by scientists around the world and look forward to seeing what we learn from the next stage of the project.’ There’s not a whole lot of information on their site about this data, but the repositories have many readme files explaining the data layout.”

Source: 1000 Genomes Project Releases Pilot Genome Data

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