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Was Apple Right? Flash Sometimes Works And Sometimes Doesn’t On HTC EVO 4G

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Flash for mobile platforms may not be ready

We have seen a lot of public discussion in the past over Apple's decision to not allow Flash on the iOS platform. While several users have questioned Apple's decision, Steve Jobs has maintained that the multimedia platform degrades performance and ruins battery life.

Steve Jobs' statements against Flash have been severely challenged by Adobe executives. However, the consensus among industry observers has been that Flash may still not be completely ready for the mobile platform.

Interestingly, the iPhone is not the only smartphone platform on which Flash is not allowed. As Dan Frommer from the Silicon Alley Insider reports that none of the smartphones shipping today actually run a standard version of Flash. In a recent seminar convened by AT&T, a Palm representative had conceded that the company didn't "know what the hold-up is" with respect to getting Flash ready for webOS.

Though Google Android has been the first mobile platform to allow Flash on their handsets. This is however not a comprehensive solution. HTC EVO 4G, one of the latest Android handsets to be launched, runs "Flash Lite", which has been observed to be inconsistent in its performance. 

In his review of the Android device, David Pogue from the New York Times writes:

"The Evo runs something called Flash Lite, which is marketing-ese for, “Sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.” It plays videos on some sites that the iPhone can’t — on Engadget, for example, plus all the blinking ads (a mixed blessing). But it still can’t play the Flash videos on CNN.com or, sadly, TV shows on Hulu.com."

We are yet to see a comprehensive study of Flash's impact on battery performance. Nevertheless, it is clear that Adobe's claims don't seem to have convinced a lot of handset manufacturers about supporting Flash on their devices.

In this context, do you think Apple has set the right precedent in not allowing Flash on the iPhone? Do you really miss it? Tell us your views in the comments.

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Source: Was Apple Right? Flash Sometimes Works And Sometimes Doesn’t On HTC EVO 4G

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